Enzo Fazzari is a Chef with more than 35 years experience. His desire for cooking goes back to his adolescent years in Italy. He would accompany his Mother to the fresh produce street market where he would assist with the purchases, then return home to help with preparation of the family meals. After migrating to Australia with his family in 1975, his passion for food and cooking developed into a career as a chef, working in restaurants across Adelaide where he gained much experience and knowledge in the hospitality industry. During his career Enzo has shared his skills and knowledge in the industry, to produce authentic Italian cuisine using family recipes and traditional methods.


After opening Enzo’s Ristorante in 1999, Enzo pursued his vision to provide a range of restaurant quality meals to the wider community. In 2005 came the establishment of Enzo’s at home with a commercial kitchen at Flinders Park producing authentic Italian gourmet meals, conveniently packaged and available to enjoy in your own home.

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